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Rosary Webquest

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Catholic WebQuest: The Rosary

The Rosary

6-8 WebQuest



Students will understand

1. Why prayer is an important part of the daily life of a Catholic
2. The origins of the Rosary
3. Name and distinguish the mysteries of the Rosary


You are a group of scientists and have recently uncovered an
old pair of rosary beads in the rubble of an ancient ruins in Europe. Your task is to
research the history of the beads and their significance to Christians, today and in
the past.


You will explore the origins of the Rosary and the information you uncover will be used to make a
presentation to the class, using PowerPoint or Kid Pix.


Let’s begin! But wait….

Before we set off on our journey to discover the mysteries of the Rosary, did you print the KWL worksheet?

Don’t forget to also print the Mystery Worksheet. You will use this to take notes about each Mystery!


  1. What do you already know about the Rosary? Write your thoughts about the
    Rosary in the ‘What I know’ section of the worksheet.
  2. Explore the History of the Rosary and read how the early Christian monks
    used a string of beads to pray to God.
  3. Read through The Mysteries of the Rosary : Joy / Light / Sorrow / Glory
    Use the ‘Mystery Worksheet’ to complete your answers.
     See pictures of each Mystery.
  4. Now you know a little more about the Rosary, learn How to Pray the Rosary.
  5. Complete the Rosary Quiz.

Now that you have explored the origins and the mysteries of the Rosary, your task is to create a presentation about your findings to the class.(You may use Power Point or Kid Pix)

The following components need to be included:

Slide 1 : An Introduction

Slide 2 : A Brief history of the Rosary’s history

Slide 3-5 : Choose ONE Mystery of the Rosary and explain using text and images

Slide 6 : Explain the importance of saying the Rosary in your own life.


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